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Dr. David Simmons

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Dr. David Simmons is first a believer in our Lord Jesus Christ. Having made his living as a cowboy in many different parts of the US, he has also been a real estate broker and contractor. He is one of the founders of the World Cattle Sorting Association along with the Cowboy Ministers Network, Cowboy Church Ministries and David Simmons Worldwide Ministry. David earned his Ph.D. in March of 2006 from Richmonds University and has taught in missions schools in many different parts of the world. He teaches in Bible Schools here in The United States as well as other countries such as Taiwan, Australia, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria and Togo. David Simmons Worldwide Ministry (DSWM) headquarters forAfrica is located in Lagos, Nigeria.

Kathleen Simmons

Kathleen, not being raised in church, came to know Jesus as her Savior through her foster parents as a teenager after losing her mother in a plane wreck . She is a teacher of the Bible and is dedicated to seeing people set free of addictions in life through God’s Word and programs such as ‘Overcomers’, a Bible based addicts program.  She pastors, preaches,teaches and travels worldwide with her husband and ministry partner David.

David Simmons Worldwide Ministry is dedicated to serving and ministering to people all over the world in their own environment. David & Kathleen Simmons are both ordained with Heritage of Faith Ministerial Association with the founder Dr. Jerry Savelle. Dr.David and Kathleen Simmons are Apostles that have started many churches and ministries all around the world and are asked to speak in conferences in many countries to disciple ministers.

The mission statement that the Lord has given us at David Simmons Worldwide Ministry is “Training People To Be Leaders Through Discipleship”. We at DSWM endeavor to fulfill this mission statement in all that we do. Kathleen and David have pioneered many churches as well as have and are currently training people to do ministry all over the world. David as associate pastor of a southern baptist church, at 23 years old was baptized in the Holy Spirit. He has become a teacher on the Holy Spirit and His move in the world today as well as the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We travel and do Holy Ghost and Healing Meetings all over the World. It is our goal to see the body of Christ set free and operate in the fullness of faith and the gifts of the Holy Spirit today. They are Area Leader’s for Chariots of Light Christian Bikers Club and Christian Car Club for Dr. Jerry Savelle. Dr. David and Kathleen Simmons are available to help you in any way that we can. Please feel free to contact us at david@africawordoffaith.tv .

Dr. David Simmons

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