Joe McCroskey


Joe McCroskey is a highly anointed teacher and administrator who travels extensively as the International Relations Director for Jerry Savelle Ministries International, a ministry of many outreaches all over the world. He oversees the operation of JSMI’s international offices worldwide. He is also the past International director and Texas President of the Chariots of Light Christian Motorcycle Club. He traveled extensively, conducting motorcycle rallies and establishing new chapters in other countries.

Joe is widely known through his association with JSMI as the Business Administrator for the ministry for the better part of twenty years. He has served Dr. Savelle in many capacities since he became a part of his staff in 1980. Understanding and walking in covenant principles with Dr. Savelle, Joe has established the same type of covenant relationships with pastors, churches, Bible schools, and ministers around the world. He is in high demand today because of his inspiring messages about the victory that comes from walking in and obedience to the Holy Spirit. He believes in the practicality of being led by the Spirit of God in all the affairs of life, and the Lord has used him to see many come to salvation, healing and deliverance.

Joe makes his home close to the JSMI international headquarters in Crowley, Texas, along with his wife, Joyce, and their two sons, James and Jonathan.